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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

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 No Weather Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!


Spring Equinox March 20th Marks the official First day of Spring.

 (March 20th  Equinox) Spring!!!

Forecast Issued March 23rd        (Last weeks forecast was 90% Correct)

The good old Azores’ again looks to be in the picture for this weeks forecast, as it starts to build and settle over us, and at times merges with High pressure cells to the E & S that could bring some much warmer conditions for a short period, as winds swing from the South all the way from Africa. (Dirty rain looks to be on the cards next time it rains!!!) as for today though, it’s a murky day with a cold front that has just come to a standstill over our air space, giving some drizzly and dull conditions. But as the High pressure builds it will shift this southeastwards by tomorrow, giving us a brighter day!!! Ok Lets get on with next week. Sunday a cloudy start with possible mist/fog patches roaming around, but this looks to clear by midday to leave a dry and sunnier picture, but cloud could still be a problem in places! wind light to moderate W/NW, Temp 11/4ºC evening dry, possible mist/fog developing in places, can not rule out a local frost in places!!! Monday dry with some sunny periods, but there will be some cloud banks around, and these could hang around in places! wind light and variable, Temp 10/3ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog/and frost developing in places. Tuesday dry with good sunny periods, but again some cloud banks will be around, wind light and variable, Temp 11/3ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog and frost developing in places. Wednesday dry with good sunny periods as there will be some cloud about, wind light and variable,Temp 13/4ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog and frost developing in places. Thursday dry with good sunny periods as some cloud will be about, wind light and variable, Temp 15/5ºC evening dry with possible local mist/fog patches developing in places. Friday dry with good sunny periods as again some cloud will be around, wind light and variable, Temp 16/10ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog patches developing in places. Confidence 100%. Wow what confidence he says!!! I can’t remember the last time I put 100%? But model runs have been repeatedly putting the High pressure cell over our air space for the last 2 weeks!!! So enjoy. Looking ahead, some big fluctuations in temperatures as Low pressure systems try and break through in to our air space with rain or even snow, (don’t even go there)? Whatever the weather you have a good week. Forecast issued March 23rd 2019.   

Long Range Weather Forecasts (Summer Forecast Being Generated)

Dec 2018:-Issued Nov 17th 2018 Confidence 55% Correctness for the month was 10%

Jan 2019:- Issued Nov 24th 2018 Confidence 45% Correctness for the month was 5% 

Feb 2019:-  Issued Dec 8th 2018 Confidence 65% Correctness for the month so far 5%

Mar 2019:- Looking at the latest runs, with the Atlantic in control some impressive Lows near by, but it’s these lows that could bring some Wintry conditions, but also there is the High pressure cells that could give much milder spring conditions as the PV starts to disintegrate, but we must not rule out the Easterly flow to which we haven’t had yet, and there is some indications on some of the runs? Summary a mixed bag, Temperatures looking to be above average, rainfall average. Issued Feb 16th 2019 Confidence 55% Correctness for the Month so far 45%

Apr 2019:- Will try to make a prediction on this month, as model runs keep doing there usual changes. The month starts of with a cold spell after the mild conditions seen in the last week of March, and i can’t rule out not seeing the white stuff, and this looks to bring in an Easterly flow, which we should of seen in March!!! The second half of the month looks to be Topsy turfy temperature wise, and this will be down to some impressive lows coming in from the S & down from the N, so Showers and thunderstorms look to be in hand at this moment in time. Summary, a mixed pattern, but beware of some windy and cool conditions, frost and snow possible!!!. Rainfall near to above average, Temperature, near to below average. Issued Mar 23rd 2019 Confidence 70% 

May 2019:- Another month with some warmer interludes, but cool spells expected as some Low pressure systems move up from the South that will introduce Easterlies and thundery showers, and this looks to be the case throughout the month with some impressive rainfall within thundery downpours. During the month I can not rule out a Frost in the settled periods. Summary Rainfall above average, Temperature near to below average, no long term settled periods expected!!! Issued Mar 23rd 2019 Confidence 50%  

Last Quarter March 28th  

Forecast Issued March 23rd           

Summary For the Week, A dry week with some good sunny breaks, especially after Monday, can not rule out mist/fog and possible frost in places. Becoming warmer after midweek!!!