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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

Key Abbreviation’s in Forecast

No Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!

(Spring Equinox March 20th Officially Spring) Updated Jan 24th – Chances of Snow within the next 14 Days 75%

Forecast Issued Jan 18th Next Weeks Forecast Updated                   (Last weeks 6 day forecast was 95% Correct)     

Another week gone and what a week with heavy rains and Gales. Well a big change for the the upcoming forecast, High Pressure possibly reaching 1048+. That is a good cell, and could take time on shifting!!! But we have a few scenarios with this one for this time of year? Frost/Fog/Cloud. So lets put this in to a daily detail. Sunday dry with mainly sunny conditions after early frost and any mist/fog patches, wind light N/NE, Temp 6/0ºC evening dry with frost developing, possibly mist/fog patches developing in some places as well!!!. Monday dry and mainly sunny after frost and any mist/fog patches clear, possibly some cloud increase later, wind light N/NE, Temp 6/0ºC evening dry with frost developing, and possible mist/fog patches developing as well in places. Tuesday dry and mainly sunny after any early frost, and possible mist/fog patches clear, wind light N/NE, Temp 7/0ºC evening dry with frost developing, and again possible mist/fog patches developing in places. Wednesday dry with some cloudy periods, allowing some good sunny spells, wind light to moderate NE/E, Temp 8/4ºC evening cloud increase that may give an isolated light shower!!! Thursday looking to be a mostly cloudy day with limited sunny intervals, just possible of an isolated drizzly shower, wind moderate to fresh NE/E, Temp 5/3ºC evening generally dry, and where cloud clears, just possible isolated frost patches develop!!! Friday generally a dry and cloudy day with limited sunny intervals, just possible of an isolated drizzly shower, wind light SE, Temp 8/3ºC evening generally dry with plenty of cloud about, but where cloud does break temporary local frost may develop!!! Confidence 90%. It is how the High pressure shifts, meaning frost every night, but if the high shifts further West then cloud will be an issue but less chance of frost!!! Also if we do get the cloud, then drizzly showers will be about. Looking ahead as model outputs suggest, looks to the Atlantic once again, but we could be going in to a NW/N route, as High pressure to the South collapses!!!. Whatever the weather you have a good week.                                Forecast issued Jan 18th                             

Daily Local Weather Forecast Updates!!!When I can? 

Friday :- Conditions today, will be mostly cloudy with the odd spot of drizzle, but possible cloud breaks later will give some sunny intervals, wind light NE, Temp 7/5ºC evening cloudy with the chance of some drizzly showers!!! 

Long Range Weather Forecasts (Spring Forecast Being Generated)

Sept 2019 :-  Issued August 24th 2019 Confidence 55%. Correctness for the Month 87%

Oct 2019 :-  Issued September 14th 2019 Confidence 60% Correctness for the Month 62%

Nov 2019 :-  Issued September 14th Confidence 60% Correctness  for the Month 95%

Dec 2019 :-  Issued October 19th Confidence 45% Correctness for the month  23%

Jan 2020 :- Again this could be a very cold month as model outputs are playing with a northeasterly/easterly flow with plenty of visits from Mr Frost, also possibly a lot of snow, this is dependent on the positioning of the Low pressure systems!!! But on the other hand the AZ high could be the one that throws this forecast out? with milder temperatures and plenty of rain!!! Summary Rainfall average to slightly above,  Temperatures below average!!! Issued November 30th Confidence 75% Correctness so far for the month 45%

Feb 2020 :- Looking to be a mixed one with colder air trying to take hold as the Atlantic sends in it’s low pressure systems, and again some of these quite impressive deep ones, but the European High looks to win most of the time with some very cold conditions (Beast From The East) scenario, but it’s all down to the Tracking of the Atlantic Lows, that could give a lot of rain or snow?. Summary Rainfall average to slightly above, Temperature below average!!! Issued December 21st Confidence 55%

Mar 2020 :-

Apr 2020 :-

May :-

New Moon Jan 24th                          

Forecast Issued Jan 18th                                            

Summary For the Week, Much drier but feeling cold with night frosts to start with, possible more cloud increase midweek onwards!!!