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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

Key Abbreviation’s in Forecast

No Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!

 (Summer Equinox September 23rd When Summer officially ends Autumn begins

Forecast Issued Sept 14th     (Last weeks 6 day forecast was 95% Correct)

Well i think that was an excellent forecast for last week considering how the model runs keep changing!!! Well we had a little taste of Dorian & Gabrielle bringing in some very moist and warm air in to our air space. Now we are keeping an eye out in mid Tropical Atlantic for some possible tropical developments!!! which again could upset the outcome of the model outputs!!! I did mention last week that there was a possibility of some Indian summer weather coming along!!! I shouldn’t of said that because it still is Summer, but if we would get some warm settled weather in October then we could say Indian Summer weather!!! Ok whats in store for next week? High pressure. Yes we have High pressure cells trans-versing across our air space to give plenty of dry conditions, but don’t be fooled in to thinking it will be sunny all the time!!! Cloud banks and Fog could be an issue, so please take Note. Warmish days but cool nights. Lets put this in to a more daily detail. Sunday dry with sunny periods but cloud on coasts could be an issue at times, Wind light to moderate W/NW, Temp 19/14ºC evening dry. Monday cloudy with some possible isolated drizzly shower, sunny periods expected, wind light to moderate N, Temp 17/11ºC evening cloudy with just the possibility of an isolated drizzly shower!!! Tuesday dry with some sunny periods, but cloud cover may become an issue, wind light to moderate NE/E, Temp 16/9ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog patches developing in places. Wednesday dry with sunny periods, but again cloud banks may become an issue in places, wind light to moderate E/NE, Temp 18/10ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog developing in places. Thursday generally dry with some sunny periods, but cloud increase is possible with an isolated shower, wind light to moderate locally fresh E, Temp 17/11ºC evening dry. Friday dry with sunny periods, but cloud increase possible in places, wind light to moderate locally fresh E/SE, Temp 16/12ºC evening dry. Confidence 95% Looking ahead, High pressure to the West & East acting like a cradle as Atlantic Lows try and penetrate our air space!!! Whatever the weather you have a good week.                      Forecast issued Sept 14th               


Long Range Weather Forecasts (Autumn Forecast Being Generated)

 May 2019:-  Issued Mar 23rd 2019 Confidence 50% Correctness for the the Month 85%

Jun 2019:-  Issued May 21st 2019 Confidence 60%. Correctness for the Month  87% 

Jul 2019 :-  Issued June 15th 2019 Confidence 55%. Correctness for the Month 90%

Aug 2019 :-  Issued June 22nd 2019 Confidence 60%. Correctness for the Month 90%

Sept 2019 :- Looking to be a good start to the first week of the meteorological Autumn, but the Atlantic starting to fire up with some more impressive Lows, as High pressure still trying to take control, and this looks to be the case for the rest of the month becoming changeable with some windy and wet conditions with some short lived settled spells. Rainfall average, Temperature average. Issued August 24th 2019 Confidence 55%. Correctness so far for the Month 35%

Oct 2019 :-

Nov 2019 :-

Last Moon Quarter on Sept 22nd               

Forecast Issued Sept 14th                             

Summary For the Week, Generally a dry week, with more cloud cover then we would like in places, and possible mist/fog patches in places!!!