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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

Key Abbreviation’s in Forecast

No Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!

Daily Local Weather Forecast Updates!!! 

January Sunday 16th  Weather Conditions today, sunny spells and some late showers to start the day, the showers look to clear before midday to leave a generally drier conditions with some sunny spells as another cloudy period expected as the cold front moves over, wind light to moderate W/NW, Temp 11/4ºC evening dry with possible local frost developing in places, as well as some mist/fog patches.

(Last weeks 6 day forecast was 93% Correct)

Next Weeks Forecast Updated January15th      


(Snow Watch) 2022 January 16th   Chances of Snow Within the Next 14 Days 35% 

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UPCOMING WEATHER INFO-: High pressure again looks to be in control for next weeks forecast, with fog and frost in places where skies remain free of cloud for lengthy periods!!! and yes generally dry throughout!!!🤔 Temperatures not to bad during the day unless any fog is reluctant to clear😨. As I mentioned in the news part, a lot of very cold weather around eastern and Northern Europe and Canada and some northern parts of the USA as well. whilst western parts of Europe are in the same boat as us at this moment in time!!!😵 It has been very unusual for the weather conditions we are having at the moment, as we are practically in a similar pattern as November, only we have had a little more rain up to now😮. and it is unusual winter for the time being🥱. Ok lets get in to a daily detail below👀  

Next Weeks Forecast Starting Sunday January 16th                  

Sunday A cloudy start with some rain/drizzle in places, this looks to clear before midday to dry and sunnier conditions, wind light to moderate SW/W/NW, Temp 9/3ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog developing in some areas, as well as a local frost!!!😮👀

Monday A dry day with good sunny periods as some cloud will be about, wind light to moderate NW/N/NE, Temp 9/2ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog patches developing, also frost looks to form in places!!!🥶👀

Tuesday A dry day expected with a possible cloudy period before breaking to give more in the way of sunny spells, wind light to moderate SE, Temp 9/2/5ºC evening dry with a possible frost developing before cloud increases lifting temperatures!!!😮👀

Wednesday A dry day expected with a lot of cloud about at first, this looks to break later to allow for some sunny spells, Note can not rule out a light showers first thing, wind light to moderate NW/W, Temp 9/-1ºC evening generally dry with possible mist/fog patches developing in places, as well as frost where skies remain clear of cloud for lengthy periods!!!😊😨

*Thursday A dry day with good sunny periods as there will be some well scattered cloud about, wind light and variable, Temp 8/-2ºC evening dry with a frost developing, also can not rule mist/fog patches developing in places!!!🥶👀

*Friday A dry day with mainly sunny conditions, although some well scattered cloud about, wind light NW/N, Temp 5/0ºC evening dry with a frost developing with possible mist/fog patches roaming around.!!!🥶👀

Confidence 90%. Well yet another generally dry week with some sunnier days, also for you gardeners, beware of Mr frost doing his rounds!!!👀 Although there is a lot of cloud within the High, at this moment in time it doesn’t look to give any problems on the latest runs here in the Bay😟 Looking ahead, on current model runs, once again High pressure, but it is a battle for a NW/N/NE flow, so it could turn very cold or just cold!!!🥶🥶 Whatever the weather you have a good week!!!👀

News:- (Jan 15th  2022) Tropical Storm *1  Tiffany is on the NW of Australia, No Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones at this moment in time. Some shifting about, of the PV, which in turn does some changes to the JS!!! As you know this has a big effect on our weather, and looking at current weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere, is in our part remaining largely dry!!! There is a lot of very cold air about, and we are in the middle!!! with the mild conditions. High pressure out to the West of us and then slipping SE over Europe, and this process looks to continue for at least another week, but possible signs of a proper N/NE flow towards the end of the month, making for much colder conditions?  You learn something everyday👀  The La Palma Volcano, remains quite with the odd EQ, and still no change!!! Iceland’s Volcano’s are remaining quite at the moment, but a lot of EQ’s continue. Lava has been moving just below the surface, but Scientists think it could Erupt near or on the same location, and still no change!!! But watch this space as there is a lot of seismic activity going on. I have taken the link off for now as quality isn’t that good due to weather conditions. And the other is a possibility of erupting in Iceland is Keilir? Just a reminder the PV resides in the Stratosphere, and the JS in the Troposphere.

RAINFALL amounts recorded in different areas can be vastly different, as the case in showers, so the totals I show, are recorded in my location, this will give a rough idea for your area in the Bay!!!

2020 Dec Total 170mm Total for the Year 2020 1083mm

2021 Jan Total 138.6mm Total Year to Date 138.6mm

2021 Feb Total 73.4mm Total Year to Date 212.0mm

2021 Mar Total 29.2mm Total Year to Date 241.2mm

2021 Apr Total 13 .5mm Total Year to Date 254.7mm

2021 May Total 150.9mm Total Year to Date 405.6mm

2021 June Total 76.2mm Total Year to Date 481.8mm

2021 July Total 99.0 mm Total Year to Date 580.8mm

2021 Aug Total 28.0 mm Total Year to Date 608.8mm

2021 Sept Total 43.0mm Total Year to Date 651.0mm

2021 Oct Total 214.0mm Total Year to Date 865.0mm

2021 Nov Total 7.1mm Total Year to Date 872.1mm

2021 Dec Total 101mm Total For the Year 973.1mm

(The Spring Equinox March 20th ) Winter Ends!!!

Long Range Weather Forecasts (Spring Forecast being Generated)

Mar :-Issued Feb 13th. Confidence 65%. Correctness  for the month 75% 2021

Apr :-Issued March 20th. Confidence 45% Correctness  for the Month 50% 2021

May :-Issued April 17th. Confidence 60% Correctness for the Month 65% 2021

Jun :-Issued May 22nd. Confidence 60% Correctness for the Month 70% 2021

July :- Issued June 26th. Confidence 80% Correctness  for the Month 75% 2021

Aug :- Issued July 24th. Confidence 80% Correctness  for the Month 60% 2021

Sept :-Issued Aug 21st. Confidence 55% Correctness for the Month 30% 2021

Oct :-Issued Oct 1st. Confidence 50% Correctness for the month 55% 2021

Nov :-Issued Oct 1st. Confidence 60% Correctness for the month 50% 2021

Dec :-Issued Nov 23rd. Confidence 55% Correctness for the month 35% 2021 

Jan :- To start the new year looks like a battle ground with Low pressure systems to the S, and High pressure to the N with some very cold conditions not too far away as well as milder air. So a very high % chance of seeing Snow/Rain with very strong winds at times, of which could be W or E or even NE. It will be all down to tracking of the Lows and if High pressure maintains the blocking to the N! Severe penetrating frosts look to occur if wind is in the E/NE.  This looks to continue throughout the month. Summary, Very Cold/mild, big fluctuations in temperatures, rainfall average to slightly above. Issued Dec 18th. Confidence 55%. Correctness so far 15%

Feb :- The final Month of the Meteorological winter, and what a mixed one possible, put it in short, springy/wintry. A good mixed bag. It looks like the Atlantic will throw some impressive Lows our way as the European High tries to ridge westwards, some possible periods of very cold and snowy events as well. And also some very mild conditions for the time of year. Summary rainfall average to slightly below, temperatures average to slightly above? Issued Dec 18th. Confidence 45%. Correctness so far 0%

Full Moon Jan 17th 


Forecast Issued Jan 15th                     

Summary for the Week, a generally dry week with some sunnier days, as well as Mr frost again playing a visit in places, with possible mist/fog patches roaming around as well!!!😊