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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

Key Abbreviation’s in Forecast

 No Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!

Possible some strong winds late Monday into Tuesday that could get to Gale force S/SW this will be accompanied with a period of heavy rain, Tree debris and local flooding could occur. Please Beware!!!  

Daily Local Weather Forecast Updates!!! 

May Wednesday 12th Conditions today, sunny spells with some showers, these look to increase once again, but there is also a possibility of more cloud increase that could give longer spells of rain, again some of which could be heavy, wind light N/S, Temp 11/8ºC evening possible heavy outbreaks of rain!!!

(Last weeks 6 day forecast was 95% Correct) Next Weeks Forecast Updated May 8th

(Snow Watch) May 12th  Chances of Snow Within the Next 14 Days 0% 

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UPCOMING WEATHER INFO-: A week f sunny periods and thundery showers/thunderstorms, but some places won’t even see them! It’s the Mother Low that will be around, out to the West of us before moving a cross the UK over the coming week, this will also produce troughs, and it’s these that will determine where the showers will develop, and to enhance these will be the strong sunshine. So plenty of towering Cumulus, and Cumulonimbus (Thundercloud)! Ok lets put this in to a more daily detail below.

Next Weeks Forecast Starting Sunday May 9th             

Sunday A breezy day with sunny spells as cloud will be in abundance at times that may give a shower, possibly heavy! wind moderate to fresh, locally strong SW, Temp 13/11ºC evening scattered showers, some of which could be heavy!!!

Monday Another breezy day with sunny spells and plenty of cloud about that could give showers, and this could possibly be heavy and thundery, wind moderate to fresh locally strong SW, Temp 13/9ºC evening well scattered showers!!!

Tuesday A day of sunny spells and well scattered showers, some of the showers heavy with thunder, wind light to moderate locally fresh variable, Temp 13/10ºC evening well scattered showers!!!

*Wednesday Another day of sunny spells and showers, again these could be thundery, even possible of local thunderstorms in places, wind moderate to fresh SW, Temp 13/8ºC evening generally dry!!!

*Thursday A dry start with sunny spells, but cloud will develop and build/tower with possible heavy thundery showers, or even thunderstorms in places, wind light to moderate variable, Temp 14/8ºC evening generally dry with possible mist/fog patches developing in places!!!

*Friday A dry start with good sunny spells, but cloud again will develop and build/tower that could give a heavy thundery shower or thunderstorm, wind light to moderate variable, Temp 14/8ºC evening generally dry, with possible mist/fog patches developing in places!!!

Confidence 90%. A week of knowing where the troughs will develop? thus is where the most of the showery conditions will prevail. So it will be an interesting week to observe the skies above and watch Cumulus build and tower in to Cumulonimbus (Thundercloud) most times you will notice the Cumulonimbus flatten out at the top (Anvil), this is where it hits the Stratosphere boundary!!! Looking ahead Possibly mainly on the dry side with pleasant temperatures!!! Whatever the weather you have a good week!!! 

News:- (May 8th  2021)  As the Arctic polar air is nearly just about to leave our air space, some warmer air will start to make inroads albeit not as warm as you would like it at the moment!!! As the PV has left and the JS becomes somewhat relaxed, anything moving of the Atlantic will take it’s time or even stagnate! As it has been Zonal  just South of us it is looking to fragment with Low pressure systems moving in all directions. And the other I would like to mention is that the Thunderstorm or thundery downpours look to be on the rise in the coming weeks. No hint of any very warm conditions at the moment? Just a reminder the PV lives in the Stratosphere, and the JS in the Troposphere.

RAINFALL amounts recorded in different areas can be vastly different, as the case in showers, so the totals I show, are recorded in my location, this will give a rough idea for your area in the Bay!!!

2020 July Total 23 mm Total year to Date 538 mm

2020 August Total 113 mm Total year to Date 651mm

2020 Sept Total 25mm Total year to Date 676mm

2020 Oct Total 118mm Total year to Date 794mm

2020 Nov Total 119mm Total Year to Date 913mm

2020 Dec Total 170mm Total for the Year 2020 1083mm

2021 Jan Total 138.6mm Total Year to Date 138.6mm

2021 Feb Total 73.4mm Total Year to Date 212.0mm

2021 Mar Total 29.2mm Total Year to Date 241.2mm

2021 Apr Total 13 .5mm Total Year to date 254.7mm

(The Summer Solstice June Monday 21st)

Long Range Weather Forecasts (Summer Forecast Being Generated)

Sept :-Issued Aug 3rd.Confidence 70%. Correctness  for the month 77%. 2020

Oct :- Issued Sept 12th.  Confidence 60%. Correctness for the month 75% 2020

Nov :-Issued Oct 3rd. Confidence 50% Correctness for the month 55% 2020

Dec :-Issued Nov 21st. Confidence 75%. Correctness  for the month 85% 2020

Jan :-Issued Dec 12th. Confidence 55%. Correctness for the month 90% 2021

Feb :-Issued Jan 9th. Confidence 50%. Correctness  for the month 60% 2021

Mar :-Issued Feb 13th. Confidence 65%. Correctness  for the month 75% 2021

Apr :-Issued March 20th. Confidence 45% Correctness  for the Month 50% 2021

May :- As model runs put it, thundery showers or thunderstorms look to start the month off, and feeling cool as the SE/E wind continues, but how far the SE wind comes from will determine the warmth!!, as a hole the rest of the month looks to be cool at times with thundery outbreaks as Low pressure systems make there way from the S with humid warm pulses ahead of the systems, always turning fresher thereafter. There is of course indications of settled spells in between, which could turn out quite warm. Summary Rainfall average, Temperatures average or possibly slightly below!!! Issued April 17th. Confidence 60% Correctness so far for the Month 10%

Jun :-

Jul :-

Aug :-

New Moon May 11th


Forecast Issued May 8th           

Summary for the Week

A week of  heavy showers or thunderstorms, but plenty of sunshine in between. Feeling a slight warmer?