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Please Note:-) That the Forecasts issued are not Nationwide, Only Torbay and surrounding area’s!!!

Key Abbreviation’s in Forecast

No Warnings Issued For Torbay!!!

Daily Local Weather Forecast Updates!!! 

May Tuesday 26th  :- Conditions today, generally a dry and sunny start, but possible cloud increase later with a slim chance of an isolated light shower!!!, Temp 21/12ºC evening generally dry, just with an off chance of an isolated light shower!!!

(Last weeks 6 day forecast was 95% Correct)  

RAINFALL amounts recorded in different areas can be vastly different, as the case in showers, so the totals I show, are recorded in my location, this will give a rough idea for your area in the Bay!!!

2020 April Total 51 mm Total Year to date 406 mm

2020 May Total

(The Summer Solstice June 20th =Longest Day/Shortest Night)

Chances of Snow Within the next 14 days 0% This will restart September 1st    

Next Weeks Forecast Updated. Issued May 23rd  


News:- Weather Forecasts will be a little harder to do whilst the COVID  is around, due to the lack of data. As a lot of information is not going in to the Super Computers. Due to Aircraft/Shipping Etc restrictions (GDAS)= Global Data Assimilation System. So most of the time I will be doing it on the last 28 model runs, and doing an average!!!


UPCOMING WEATHER INFO-: Model outputs still going with a lot of High pressure around, but it is not all plain sailing, as with the cloud amounts that get entrapped within these cells, so places will have glorious sunny conditions, and just down the road cloudy conditions with the odd heavy shower thrown in. But nothing Major happening next week!!! Ok lets put this in to a more daily detail below.

Sunday  dry with sunny periods, as  cloud banks will be around that could produce a isolated shower, wind light to moderate W, Temp 18/7ºC evening dry.  

Monday dry with mainly sunny conditions, just with the odd whispers of high cloud, wind light variable, or (sea breeze), Temp 19/8ºC evening dry with some mist/fog developing in places.     

Tuesday sunny periods as cloud amounts increase from time to time that may give an isolated shower, wind light and variable, or (sea breeze) Temp 19/10ºC evening generally dry.  

Wednesday a dry and sunny start, but it’s just possible cloud increase and tower may give a thundery shower, wind light and variable, or (sea breeze), Temp 20/11ºC evening again just possible of a shower, possible mist/fog patches developing in places.

Thursday generally a dry day with good sunny periods, but possible cloud build and tower may give an isolated thundery shower, wind light to moderate E/SE or(sea breeze), Temp 17/8ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog developing in places.

*Friday generally dry with cloud amounts increasing from time to time, so sunny periods will be about, wind light to moderate variable or (sea breeze), Temp 17/7ºC evening dry with possible mist/fog developing in places.

Confidence 80%. High Pressure yet again, but there is signs of troughs developing throughout the week that could give a shower, it’s the hit & miss scenario. So if you see clouds towering, Beware!!! This being the last of the Meteorological Spring week and entering the Summer months what in store for the first week? Well it could start off well but there is signs of (say no more)? Whatever the weather you have a good week.

If you would like to “comment” or for me to make any changes. email me at mickylearjet@aol.com


Long Range Weather Forecasts (Summer Forecast Being Generated)

Jan 2020 :-  Issued November 30th Confidence 75% Correctness for the month 45%

Feb 2020 :- Issued December 21st Confidence 55% Correctness for the month 50%

Mar 2020 :-  Issued February 18th. Confidence 65%. Correctness  for the month 85%

Apr 2020 :- . Issued February 29th. Confidence 60%. Correctness for the month 85%

May :- A good start to the month with plenty of high pressure around, giving us an easterly flow, but Low pressure to the South always trying to nudge up to deliver thundery conditions, but as for the rest of the month we could start seeing a trend to more unsettled conditions, as the European Monsoon sets in with heavy showers and longer spells of rain which could be on the heavy side with plenty of thunderstorms scattered around. Rainfall average to slightly above, Temperature Average to slightly below!!! Issued April 18th. Confidence 70% Correctness so far for the month 65%

June :- First day of the meteorological  Summer and it does look to be a settled start, but there is signs of the European Monsoon starting up, giving flaming June a wet cool theme. With thundery outbreaks during the short warm/very warm shots of air!!! But the month looks to be on the unsettled side. Temperatures average, Rainfall Average to slightly above. Issued May 23rd.Confidence 30%. Correctness so far for the month 0%

July :-

Aug :-

First Moon Quarter May 30th


Forecast issued May 23rd 


Summary For the Week, a mainly settled week, but can not rule out the odd thundery shower. On the warm side for most of the week!!!